• It's Clean. It's Green. It's E15

    Cleaner-burning, lower-cost E15 is now available for 2001 and newer vehicle owners in Iowa. [MORE]

  • Biodiesel. Better for Iowa. Better for Farmers. Better for Your Engine.

    Learn more about biodiesel, a cleaner-burning homegrown biofuel that boosts engine performance, while adding value to Iowa's crops and livestock. [MORE]

  • Did You Miss Out on the 10th Annual Iowa Renewable Fuels Summit?

    Don't worry! Check out the 2016 Iowa Renewable Fuels Summit Recap to learn more about the Midwest's premier renewable fuels event. [MORE]

  • Weekly E85 Wholesale Price Listing

    Check out IRFA's Weekly E85 Wholesale Price Listing to leanr more about wholesale E85 prices around Iowa. [MORE]

  • Fueling Your Vehicle

    Learn all you need to know about fueling your vehicle with homegrown renewable fuels like ethanol and biodiesel. [MORE]

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