ExxonMobil Invests $1 Million in ISU Biofuels Research

ExxonMobil recently announced it will invest $1 million in biofuels research at Iowa State University. The ExxonMobil Biofuels Program will initially focus on research related to the fast pyrolysis of biomass. Fast pyrolysis is rapidly heating without oxygen to produce liquid bio-oil, which can then be used in the production of transportation fuels.

clip_image002_047“ExxonMobil’s decision to support biofuels studies at Iowa State makes an important statement about the expertise of our researchers and students,” stated ISU President Steven Leath. “Our work at Iowa State is creating great advances in biofuels technologies. This research partnership will help us to do even more to meet the world’s energy challenges by putting science and technology to work and exemplifies our motto, ‘Science with Practice.’”

“Innovation begins with fundamental science and we are looking forward to working with Iowa State to study pyrolysis of biomass,” said ExxonMobil Manager of Corporate Strategic Research Vijay Swarup.  “To meet future energy demand in the most effective and economic way, we believe it is important to explore numerous options.  The challenges are significant, and overcoming them will take a considerable investment of time, resources and scientific expertise.”

 “The ExxonMobil Biofuels Program at Iowa State University focuses on fundamental scientific and engineering questions about the chemical and physical processes that occur during the pyrolysis of biomass,” stated Program Director and Engineering Professor Robert C. Brown.

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