Movie PUMP Takes In-Depth Look at Big Oil’s Monopoly

A new full-length documentary entitled “PUMP” by director Joshua Tickell explores the history of the American fueling infrastructure and how it has led to today’s oil dominated market, and examines what we can do to break Big Oil’s monopoly over the transportation fuel sector.

clip_image002_516According to its own website, the movie “is an inspiring, eye-opening documentary that tells the story of America’s addiction to oil, from Standard Oil’s illegal tactics to the monopoly oil companies enjoy today. The film explains clearly and simply how we can end this monopoly — and finally win choice at the pump.

“Today gasoline is our only option for transportation fuel. With global demand surging, and with no other alternative, our dependence on gasoline has drained our wallets, increased air pollution and sent our sons and daughters to fight in faraway lands to protect the flow of oil. PUMP shows us how making a variety of replacement fuels widely available to consumers will reduce fuel prices across the board. Diversifying the market with replacement fuels that are cheaper, cleaner and American made will also create jobs, strengthening the economy at home and promoting stability abroad.”

To watch the official trailer, please click here.

For more on the movie, please click here.

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