Study Finds B20 Great for Home Heating

A new study by the National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA) shows that a 20 percent blend of biodiesel (B20) is great for heating homes. NORA tested blends of ASTM D6751biodiesel with both standard and low sulfur heating oil and demonstrated that B20 can be used with no adverse effects.

clip_image002_519NORA noted, “Field experience with Bioheat® fuel (blended heating oil and biodiesel) has been overwhelmingly positive. A recent service organization survey conducted by NORA andBrookhaven National Laboratory observed that some 35,000 buildings are currently using Bioheat® containing more than 5% biodiesel with no issues.

“Winter operability is essential in serving oilheat’s customers. Biodiesel blends can have a significant impact as the feedstock affects its winter characteristics. Wholesale suppliers and retail marketers need to be sure the product they sell is right for the temperatures at which it will be stored at and used.”

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