Win Free E85 for One Year in “Post Your Price” Contest

Do you want to win free E85 for a full year? If so, participate in the Renewable Fuels Association’s (RFA) “Post Your Price” contest by submitting a photo of an E85 pump price at this link, and you could win free E85 for a full year!

clip_image002_520“The more information we collect on E85 prices, the more we are able to track and ensure consumers receive a fair price for the high-octane, environmentally-friendly fuel,” stated RFA President and CEO Bob Dinneen. “We hope consumers have fun with this contest, but also understand the cost-saving benefits of higher-level ethanol blends.”

The winner of the contest will be drawn at random, and will be awarded free E85 for one full year. In addition to an overall winner, two participants will receive free E85 for a month. This award will be given to the individual who posts a photo of the largest gap between E85 and regular unleaded gasoline and the individual who posts a photo of the smallest gap between E85 and regular unleaded gasoline.

“Increased use of low-cost E85 will help America continue to run the course set out by theRFS to increase biofuels use in America’s transportation fuel, making the country safer and less dependent on foreign oil,” Dinneen added. “The trends we found in the St. Louis market last summer are indeed troubling and underscore that Big Oil will stop at nothing to stifle the growth of E85 and other blends that offer greater consumer choice.”

For more information on the contest, please click here.

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