IRFA: Renewable Fuels Community Ready to Roll in 2015

Iowa Renewable Fuels Association (IRFA) Executive Director Monte Shaw stated that Iowa’s renewable fuels industry is “ready to roll” in 2015 at the recent 9th Annual Iowa Renewable Fuels Summit. While lower feedstock prices powered the industry during 2014, a strong and growing federal Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) is needed to break the petroleum monopoly and increase consumer access to higher levels of cleaner-burning biofuels, like E15 and B20.

“Today, we are at a crossroads. I believe that never in the last decade has the renewable fuels industry been better poised for rapid growth,” stated Shaw.  “Today, I can say with absolute confidence that Iowa’s renewable fuels industry is ready to roll! We’ve never been in a better position for the availability and diversity of feedstocks; the industry is coming off a profitable year; new markets are being developed; and new technologies are out of the lab and producing on a commercial scale. There is simply no question that this industry is ready to roll. The question is whether the President and Congress are going to allow the renewable fuels industry to ‘hit it,’ or leave us stuck in neutral.”

Shaw warned the Summit crowd, “We do not and should not sit back and wonder what D.C. will do. The oil lobby is out in full force. We must keep the pressure on President Obama to stand by the campaign promises he made to Iowans in 2008 and 2012. We must continually encourage our united federal delegation to fight the good fight for renewables in D.C. And we can look to the future. The race for the 2016 Iowa caucuses has already started and renewable fuels will be engaged in that process like never before.”

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