Auto Expert: Can’t We Just Get Rid of Ethanol Ignorance?

In response to Jay Leno’s recent article call for an end to ethanol, Car Clinic President and auto expert Bobby Likis reminded readers of some very important ethanol facts, and expressed that the Leno article “makes zero sense to me.”

Likis stated that what he read in the article, “does not sound like Jay Leno, the car guy. Oddly enough, not too long ago at SEMA, Mr. Leno was touting E85 and other ethanol-blends of gasoline with his Z06 ‘Vette. Now, for whatever unknown reason, he’s slamming ethanol. I cannot believe ‘what Jay said’ is ‘what Jay really believes.’”

Responding to a few points in Mr. Leno’s article, Likis pointed out that there’s no doubt ethanol absorbs water—and that’s a good thing!  “No doubt that ethanol emulsifies and holds water,” stated Likis. “Yay!! That’s a good thing! In fact, “holding” / suspending /emulsifying water is an ethanol ASSET — not detriment — as gas tanks actually run dryer after the transition from E0 to E10.”

Likis then noted, “My head is still spinning with the totally out of context references to ethanol in classic cars, but Mr. Leno’s reflections on the Renewable Fuel Standard should be titled “Can’t We Simply Continue America’s 100+ Year Dependence On Foreign Oil?” Unthinkable. Tossing the Renewable Fuel Standard not only ensures we remain dependent on foreign oil, but also such actions literally cause would-be investors to pause and reconsider their potential investments in our nation’s renewable energy opportunities.”

Likis added, “With all due respect for the beautiful, treasured classics in garages and at car shows, let’s clear the smoke about any conclusion — even dead-wrong ones — about E10 in classic cars. How about refocusing on the other 260,000,000 light (non-commercial) vehicles on U.S. roads today? The average age is about 11½ years. So most of us drive cars made in this millennium … not made in the ‘70s or before.”

He concluded, “Thank goodness the early 1900s best seller “Why Can’t We Just Get Rid of Cars” — written by the horse breeders — didn’t catch on.”

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