ICM Celebrates 20 Years in Renewable Fuels

ICM, Inc. recently announced it is proudly celebrating its 20th Anniversary in the renewable fuels industry.

https://directory.biomassmagazine.com/uploads/50f5e828-98ec-486a-b1bf-7c3940cfb0f6/ICM_2-color_logoVRT.jpg“I think 20 years of innovation is an appropriate way to describe the life of the company,” stated ICM President Chris Mitchell. “It started out as a small group of people who had to come together and figure out what they were going to do when they started the business. Over the years, it transformed into a larger family of people who’ve had to come together and figure out how to best meet the needs of an evolving industry.”

Reflecting on the company’s history, ICM CEO Dave Vander Griend stated, “There was kind of a defining moment in time when a lot of things—like policy, public perception, and technology—all came together to help ethanol find its place. I feel fortunate to have been there, to have the background I had at the time, and to be surrounded by a good group of people and industry partners who could rally together and really grab ahold of the thing and help it grow.”

ICM was founded on Jan. 23, 1995 with only 20 employees, and made their mark by designing and manufacturing one of the industry’s most efficient distillers grain dryer. Through the years, ICM grew to employ hundreds of the industry’s brightest minds and to design more than 100 ethanol plants.

To watch ICM’s 20th Anniversary video, please visit: https://www.icm20years.com/

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