Oil-Led Advanced Biofuels Group Calls for Reopening of RFS

At the recent 2015 Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Conference, Advanced Biofuels Association (ABA) President Michael McAdams called on Congress to reopen the federalRenewable Fuel Standard (RFS) to strengthen it for “continued development of the advanced and cellulosic industry.”RFS graphic.jp

McAdams stated that the “RFS simply doesn’t work as well for companies trying to move cutting-edge technology from a demonstration plant to commercial scale.” He built upon his claims by encouraging the inclusion of a minimum RIN value for cellulosic fuels, an extension of the program beyond 2022, and removing “the loop hole that allows the oil industry to opt out from buying a cellulosic gallon.”

In a conference call with reporters, Renewable Fuels Association(RFA) President Bob Dinneen stated, “We seriously question who ABFA is representing these days … There’s nothing ABFA has identified as needed improvements to the program that the agency already does not have the authority to address.”

In a separate statement, Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis stated, “By opening up the RFS for legislative changes, you are opening a can of worms that will only create further uncertainty for the industry, which is the last thing biofuel producers of any kind need.”

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