ACE is Flexing Forward with E15

The American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) recently launched a new fuel retailer focused campaign designed to reach and educate marketers with testimonials and anecdotes from their peers.

“Fuel marketers get information in many ways, but among their most trusted sources are their competitors, their peers,” stated ACE Executive Vice President Brian Jennings in Ethanol Producer Magazine. “To that end, ACE is launching a new retailer-focused campaign calledFlex Forward in 2015, based on the real-life experiences of retailers who were able to break free of oil company restrictions, get over the “blend wall” and make money by offering E15, E85 and flex fuels to their customers.

“A facet of the Flex Forward campaign is a video documentary we produced, featuring the CEO of a wholesale distributorship that owns and operates 21 convenience stores that sell flex fuels, the first retailer in America to offer E15 and a single-store station owner who distinguished himself from the two major chains in his town by offering E15, E85 and midlevel ethanol blends.”

Jennings added, “Flex Forward is focused on retailers and their equipment suppliers and will include earned and paid advertising, engagement at fuel marketer trade shows (where retailers go to make decisions about new products), webinars and retailer workshops. ACE has specifically designed the Flex Forward campaign to reach marketers who have not yet responded to other industry efforts, and make them aware of all of the tools available to help them succeed with E15 and flex fuels.”

To watch the new Flex Forward campaign video, please click here.

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