Fuels America Launches Obama-focused RFS Ad Campaign

Biofuels coalition Fuels America recently launched a new TV ad campaign to counter the petroleum industry’s attempts to mislead policymaker and consumers with blatant misinformation.

President Obama and the EPA have a choice to make on the Renewable Fuel Standard, and they need to decide whose advice to take, Fuels America noted.

On one side, the President’s own Cabinet secretaries, scientists and advisors have publicly called for protecting a strong Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). They see that the RFS has strengthened America’s rural economy while significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).

Fuels America.logoBut on other side, the oil industry is up to its old tricks — funding bogus research studies that spread blatant lies about ethanol. These so-called “inconvenient facts” and newfound concerns about the environment are a laugh when they come from Big Oil.

When it comes to advice on the RFS, President Obama can look no further than his own cabinet. RFS supporters include the likes of EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy and Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack. Both McCarthy and Vilsack see the RFS as a great American success story and a vital part of the solution to climate change.

At a recent energy conference, Secretary Vilsack made it clear that his department has a commitment to supporting the RFS. “This is the right thing to do for the country and certainly the right thing to do for rural America.”

McCarthy was even more direct in drawing the connection from the RFS to the environment. “President Obama is fully committed to addressing the challenge of climate change. And he knows as well as you do that RFS is a tool we need to bring to the table.”

Growth_Energy_logo“Once again, Big Oil is trotting out the same old misinformation it has been using for a decade in attempts to mislead the public, maintain its monopoly on the motor fuels market and prevent consumer choice by keeping Americans addicted to foreign oil,” stated Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis. “But there is no denying the data and the facts. Ethanol is better for our environment. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions, cleans our air and provides consumers savings and a choice at the pump. It also reduces our dangerous dependence on foreign oil, sends money right back into the American economy to create jobs and revitalizes rural America. Our industry is proud of our record and contributions. We will debate oil anytime on who is better for the environment. No beaches have been closed due to an ethanol spill, nor have wars been fought over ethanol. The renewable fuels industry is a win-win for America. Renewable fuels provide a cleaner, greener future that is changing the way we feed and fuel the world.”

To watch the full TV ad, please click here.

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