Poll: Consumers A-OK with E15

A new poll released by Convenience Store News, and conducted by sister company Carbonview Research, shows that the majority of consumers are embracing E15.

“People familiar with E15 think it is appealing, intriguing and a quality product,” stated Carbonview Research Manager of Client Research Randi Etzkin during the Convenience Store News 2015 Fuels and Tech Summit.

American Ethanol-E15The new polling data shows:

  • 55 percent of respondents want to find out more about E15;
  • 44 percent find E15 “appealing;”
  • 35 percent want to use E15 for their car; and
  • 34 percent said E15 is “believable.”

Additionally, Etzkin noted that price is the biggest factor consumers use when determining whether to purchase E15. According to the polling, if E15 is priced 5 cents less than E10, 49 percent of respondents said they would likely buy E15, while a 10-cent difference would entice 60 percent of consumers to purchase E15 over E10.

Carbonview Research surveyed of 942 fuel decisionmakers aged 18-64 in eight Midwest cities ripe with E15 expansion. E15 is currently offered at more than 175 locations throughout 19 states.

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