2016 Renewable Fuels Candidate Surveys: U.S. House District 4


2016 Renewable Fuels Candidate Surveys:

Iowa’s 4th Congressional District



Steve King (R)

Kim Weaver

Kim Weaver (D)

Do you support maintaining the federal Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) with no legislative changes? YES  YES
Do you support ending the Federal Petroleum Mandate? YES  YES
Do you support reforming and extending the biodiesel tax incentive? YES  YES
Do you oppose Congressional efforts to prevent USDA from incentivizing blender pump installations? YES  YES
Do you support EPA and/or Congressional action to establish volatility regualtions which ensure a uniform base gasoline is suitable for blending both E10 and E15 year-round? YES  YES
Do you support extending the cellulosic ethanol tax credit? YES  YES
Do you support a thorough review of the petroleum industry’s Century of Subsidies to determine if they should be continued? YES  YES
Do you support continued funding through the Foreign Ag Market Access Program (MAP) that funds international market development of agricultural products including ethanol and DDGs? YES  YES


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