Association of Nebraska Ethanol Producers Poised for Next Step

In a guest column recently published in Ethanol Producer Magazine, new Association of Nebraska Ethanol Producers (ANEEP) Executive Director Mark Palmer said the group is ready for its next step.

Mark Palmer“ANEEP also is poised to better engage the Nebraska congressional delegation in Washington. Because Nebraska is a national ethanol-producing powerhouse, we need to do a better job of engaging our three members of the U.S. House of Representatives and two U.S. senators.  The delegation may hear about the benefits of ethanol and the federal policies from a national perspective, but ANEEP’s role will be to apply those federal issues surrounding the renewable fuels standard, tax policy and higher level blends (E15, E85) to the Nebraska-based industry,” wrote Palmer.

“Furthermore, ANEEP is at the beginning stages of a strategic planning exercise to identify priorities for the short and long term.  The long-term issues, such as preparing key legislative issues to move in the unicameral legislature, will expand the existing ethanol industry in Nebraska.”

Palmer concluded, “To achieve our goals, ANEEP soon will begin a rebranding effort, developing a web site, upgrading to modern marketing and promotional materials, and utilizing social media engagement, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. ANEEP is in a transformational and transitional phase; a phase where the potential is infinite but then, so too, is the excitement.”

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