Forty Senators Call for Higher Biodiesel Target in RFS

Forty U.S. Senators from across the country recently called on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to strengthen biodiesel volumes in the pending Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) proposal.

The senators emphasized that biodiesel and renewable diesel are leading the way in delivering Advanced Biofuels under the RFS and said the EPA should do more to encourage their growth.

capitol“The biodiesel industry has met RFS criteria for growth, exceeding the goals that Congress envisioned when it created the RFS with bipartisan support in 2005 and supporting over 47,000 jobs,” the letter states. “To date, biodiesel and renewable diesel have delivered the majority of the advanced biofuels under the RFS. We believe it is clear that these fuels offer the best opportunity for growth in the near future.”

The letter, which can be found here, was signed by 40 Senators, including both Sen. Joni Ernst and Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa.

“I think this letter reflects a growing consensus on Capitol Hill that biodiesel and renewable diesel are successfully delivering the economic and environmental benefits that Congress had in mind when it created the RFS,” said National Biodiesel Board (NBB) Vice President of Federal Affairs Anne Steckel. “This is a success story, and hopefully this letter helps show the Obama administration and the EPA that we need to do more. We need to embrace growth in our cleanest fuels, and the EPA proposal as it stands falls short of that.”

“On behalf of biodiesel producers around the country we want to thank all the senators who signed this letter, particularly Sens. Blunt, Murray, Grassley and Heitkamp for their leadership in organizing the effort,” Steckel added.

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