Look for renewable fuel options when you fill up the gas tank

By Monte Shaw, IRFA
Published by Des Moines Register

Growing up on a farm near Shenandoah, using ethanol and biodiesel was a no-brainer. It was simply the right thing to do to support our local economy and environment.

As I got older and was fortunate that work sometimes took me around the world, it became even more clear to me the significant role renewable fuels play in keeping our air clean. A simple comparison between a traffic circle in Havana, Cuba, (population 2.1 million) to an intersection in Sao Paulo, Brazil, (population more than 21 million) says it all. In Sao Paulo I could breathe easily thanks to the use of biodiesel and blends of ethanol from 27 to 100 percent in their fuel. Yet, in Havana I nearly choked on the straight diesel exhaust emanating from old engines.

Now as the executive director of the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association I work every day to promote the use of higher ethanol and biodiesel blends. I am proud to work for an industry that supports Iowa’s farmers back home in Shenandoah, creates thousands of green-collar jobs and reduces cancer-causing tailpipe emissions.