Decorah Home to Iowa’s 104th E15 Station

Contact: Cassidy Riley

JOHNSTON, IOWA – When Decorah residents fuel up at the local Decorah Mart, they now have the opportunity to choose high-performance, earth-friendly E15.

“E15 and E85 are growing in popularity in Iowa and we want our customers to have these high-quality fuel choices,” said Craig Patel, Manager of Decorah Mart.  “We’re providing our customers with more value by selling E15 for 10 cents under E10 and they say they still enjoy the same fuel economy. And we want to be a leader in the community by offering earth-friendly ethanol blends that contribute to the local economy.”

Decorah Mart, located at 303 College Drive, is the first gas station in Decorah to offer E15 and E85.

“We are thrilled for Decorah to have its first-ever E15 and E85 refueling site,” said Iowa Renewable Fuels Association Executive Director Monte Shaw. “Higher-blends like E15 and E85 burn cleaner while boosting octane. We are confident Decorah residents are going to love these smarter fuels.”

Decorah Mart received a cost-share grant from the Iowa Renewable Fuels Infrastructure Program (RFIP) to help upgrade their fueling infrastructure. RFIP grants can cover up to $50,000 in installation costs per project, with a five-year commitment to sell E15, E85 or biodiesel blends.  Retailers interested in learning more about the program can click here.

E15 is a fuel made of 15 percent ethanol and 85 percent petroleum and is approved for all 2001 and newer vehicles. To find an E15 station near you, click here. E85 fuel is made with at least 70 percent ethanol and is approved for all flexible fuel vehicles. To find E85 in your community, click here.

The Iowa Renewable Fuels Association represents the state’s liquid renewable fuels industry and works to foster its growth. Iowa is the nation’s leader in renewable fuels production with 43 ethanol refineries capable of producing 4 billion gallons annually – including nearly 55 million gallons of annual cellulosic ethanol production capacity – and 12 biodiesel facilities with the capacity to produce over 350 million gallons annually. For more information, visit the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association website at: