Are You Making the Right Choice for your Children?

By Jaci Braun, Johnston

As a working mother of three (and part-time chauffeur) my days are super hectic. Dropping off kids at school and day care, rushing to client lunches, meeting deadlines daily, running to school activities, and finally ending the day with a glass of wine with my husband, leaves little time for anything else.  With my demanding schedule, the last thing on my mind is whether I’m buying the right fuel for my “mom mobile.”

But one day as I was filling my tank, I looked at my children all buckled up in the car and thought “I protect their safety when I’m behind the wheel, but am I doing all I can when I’m on the road.”

What Goes In Comes Out

Jaci Braun at a Kum & Go in Johnston with her children, filling up with E15.

Then I realized that what I’m putting in my car matters because what goes in your fuel tank comes out your tailpipe.  What impact does that have on my children and our fragile environment?  What’s coming out the tailpipe?  Is it hurting my children’s health?

Then I read the sticker on the gas pump by the fuel blended with ethanol that said ‘Cleaner Air for Iowa.’  That fuel is called E15.  So that seems to me to be the logical choice for my family.  And, if using a fuel that’s cleaner and better for the air we all breathe isn’t enough reason to switch to E15, it costs less than other fuels.  Any time I can save money for my family, that’s a bonus.

It makes sense to choose E15 because it’s good for your wallet, your kids and your planet.  Don’t you agree?