Iowa Farmer Today: Iowa leaders focus on E15 goal after latest tariff threat

Iowa Farmer Today
By Gene Lucht

ATLANTIC, Iowa — When officials at the new Elite Octane ethanol plant here planned their grand opening for May 31, they did so knowing that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency had the goal of issuing a new rule by that day regarding the use of the 15 percent ethanol blend fuel known as E15 during the summer months.

The event turned into a celebration of that announcement, which will enable retailers to sell E15 year-round.

On the flip side, industry officials say they are still concerned about the refiner waivers that the Trump administration has continued to issue, which they say have undercut the ethanol market. And just hours before the EPA made its long-expected announcement, President Donald Trump threw farmers another curve when he announced that he planned to put new tariffs on Mexico because of problems at the border.

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