KCCI: Year-round sale of E15 brings hope to Iowa farmers

KCCI News Channel 8
By Cynthia Fodor

Iowans will have more options when they fill up at the pump thanks to a decision by the Environmental Protection Agency

The EPA announced Friday that it will allow year-round sales of gasoline mixed with 15% ethanol, known as E15.

The announcement ends a summertime ban imposed out of concerns for increased smog from the ethanol blend. Now, the EPA says E15 passes the Clean Air Act.

“It’s a higher blend,” said Nathanial Doddridge, Casey’s General Store fuel director. “It’s better for the environment, for the community, especially our farmers in these small towns where it’s our core customer.”

“It’s great news,” Nevada farmer Brian Sampson said. “It’s been news we’ve been wanting and waiting for.”

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