Member News: Nutritionist Joe Ward joins Fluid Quip Technologies

Fluid Quip Technologies announced that Joe Ward, Ph.D has joined Fluid Quip Technologies as a Senior Nutritionist.  This addition highlights FQT’s commitment to advancement of high-quality alternative proteins for the feed industry, produced from Bio-Refineries.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa – Joe Ward, Ph.D. joins Fluid Quip Technologies with more than twenty-five years of experience formulating nutritional products, specialty products and additives for dairy, beef, swine, poultry, and companion animals. His career has progressed from positions worldwide in management and consulting with Wholesale Feeds, Inc., Camlin Fine Sciences, ConArga, Dupont and Watkins.

“Joe’s knowledge and years of feed product market development paired with the 30+ feeding trials that FQT has conducted, will help end users understand how every species of animal can benefit, especially the high value markets of aquaculture and pet foods.” says Neal Jakel, Partner for Fluid Quip Technologies. Jakel continued, “Joe has extensive experience in international business developments including Europe, Far East, Oceania and South African countries. With additional feeding trials and further product adoption efforts underway, he will be instrumental in developing future markets for these products; building on the already, strong demand for these functional feeds globally.” Adding an additional nutritionist to the FQT team, demonstrates FQT’s commitment to the development of high-quality protein and related products and the Bio-ethanol industry that produces these products.

About Fluid Quip Technologies

Fluid Quip Technologies is a premier process engineering and technology development company headquartered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. FQT has provided technologies for more than 2.3 billion gallons per year of biofuels production worldwide. The engineering and technical leadership team have been developing and implementing new technologies and process solutions applicable to the biofuels and

biochemical markets for more than 30 years. FQT provides fully integrated solutions and services to dry-grind ethanol and biochemical facilities, which include green field plant design, process optimization, yield improvement technologies, new co-product technologies, and turn-key capital project solutions.


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