Member News: Fluid Quip Announces High Quality Alcohol System Installation at Three Rivers Energy Ohio Location

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa, May 12, 2021, — Fluid Quip Technologies (Fluid Quip) today announced it will install a High-Quality Alcohol (HQA) system at the Three Rivers Energy Coshocton, Ohio biofuel plant. The HQA installation will enable Three Rivers Energy to produce high quality and high purity GNS alcohol for the global sanitizer and disinfectant markets. In addition to the HQA system, Fluid Quip will also construct and install a high efficiency distillation system for the biofuel production portion of the plant, lowering the overall cost to produce biofuel.

“We are entering a new age for high-quality alcohol production,” said Neal Jakel, managing director for Fluid Quip Technologies. “The Fluid Quip, High Quality Alcohol system will allow biofuel manufacturers like Three Rivers to produce sustainable, high-quality beverage grade alcohol, while using less energy than traditional alcohol production systems.”

The installation of the HQA system at Three Rivers Energy, marks the second installment of this technology for Fluid Quip. The HQA system will enable Three Rivers to produce 25 million gallons of GNS grade alcohol annually, while significantly reducing the energy required to produce the alcohol.

“The combination of these cutting-edge technologies offers tremendous long-term opportunities for Three Rivers Energy, the local Coshocton community and farmers in our region,” said Jim Galvin, President & CEO, Three Rivers Energy. “The investment in the FQT HQA System will allow Three Rivers to diversify its product portfolio with the production of high quality, low carbon alcohols while also improving efficiencies across our biorefinery in the production of our biofuels, animal feed and corn oil.”

“Biorefineries are making strategic decisions to diversify their revenue streams and broaden the scope of their output capabilities,” added Jakel. “We believe using our technologies puts them on a clear path toward continued revenue growth and positive returns for shareholders.”

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About Three Rivers
Three Rivers energy is located in Coshocton, Ohio, 70 miles east of Columbus and is part of the larger Lakeview group of companies. The plant produces 55 mgy of ethanol and 165,000 tons of dried distillers grains solubles. All fuel grade ethanol is sold locally through refineries and retail outlets in Ohio and neighboring states. The dried distillers grain are sold to local animal feed markets as a valuable source of protein and fiber

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