Member News: Homeland Energy Solutions Produces 2 Billionth Gallon of Ethanol

Early April 4, 2009, Homeland Energy Solutions Lawler, IA produced it’s first gallon of fuel ethanol.  Seven and a half years later, Homeland hit it’s first significant milestone producing 1 millionth gallon on August 31, 2016.  In just 5 years on April 7th, 2022  Homeland has reached its second milestone producing it’s 2 billionth gallon.   Strong support from our board and a committed team at Homeland have allowed us to enjoy continued success as we promote and support our efforts to fuel America with sustainable energy and deliver over 4.6 million tons of DDG as feed. During this time HES has also produced more than 460 million pounds of corn oil and crushed more than 685 million bushels of corn.  Homeland sits off State Highway 24 west of Lawler Iowa.  Over the years HES has had many growth cycles.  The addition of 5 more fermenters, an expanded distillation system, 6 million bushels of storage space and most recently the ability to produce 20 million gallons per year of industrial grade ethanol has made Homeland what it is today.  “I have been part of several successful ethanol plants during my career, but Homeland is the most efficient and well run facility that I have been associated with.”  Mike Peterman Plant Manager and COO.