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The Iowa Renewable Fuels Association (IRFA) brings together Iowa ethanol and biodiesel producers to foster the development and growth of the state’s renewable fuels industry through education, promotion and infrastructure development.

IRFA is committed to maintaining Iowa’s leadership position in ethanol and biodiesel production.  IRFA members include Iowa ethanol and biodiesel producers and companies that own or operate at least one renewable fuels production facility in Iowa.

On behalf of its members, the IRFA is working to enhance profitability for plants and increase consumer access to renewable fuels.

Biodiesel – working to increase production and expand the availability of higher biodiesel blends in the state through promotion, consumer education and collaboration with retailers to install infrastructure for greater biodiesel availability.

Ethanol  – concentrating on making E15 more widely available to 2001 and newer vehicles at retail locations in Iowa, and to increase consumer access to E85 for flexible-fuel vehicle (FFV) owners. In addition, the IRFA is working to expand the infrastructure for ethanol blends by working with retailers to install blender pumps.

Co-Products – expanding markets for the co-products of renewable fuel production such as glycerin and distillers grains.  Co-products play an important role in renewable fuel production and profitability.

Legislation – the IRFA works to establish policies that enable the renewable fuels industry to expand and assure market opportunities for ethanol and biodiesel.

Regulatory – The IRFA works with regulators to adopt reasonable and enforceable water quality standards, air emission standards, processing permits, and fuel regulations.

Promotion/Education – working with businesses and industry to raise consumer awareness about the benefits of renewable fuels.

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