Biodiesel and the Environment

Biodiesel is a greenhouse gas reducing, advanced biofuel that is a great alternative for diesel users. Biodiesel is not only sustainable, it’s a more environmentally-friendly, cleaner-burning option that can be used in diesel engines without modification. soybeans

In fact, biodiesel decreases greenhouse gas emissions by 56% to 86%, meaning that the use of biodiesel has already cut 75.5 million metric tons of carbon pollution. That’s like planting 1.9 billion trees!

Biodiesel is also non toxic and biodegardable. Using biodiesel lowers particulate matter by 47%, reduces hydrocarbon emissions by up to 67%, and reduces smog.

It’s environmental benefits don’t stop there. The production of biodiesel, in lieu of petroleum diesel, reduces wastewater by 79% and hazardous waste by 96%.

Biodiesel does all this while also providing the highest energy balance of any U.S fuel, a 5.5-to-1 positive energy balance. This means that for every unit of energy input, biodiesel returns an astounding 5.5 units of energy.