Dear EPA: Don’t Cut The RFS!

EPA recently issued a new proposal requesting public comments on additional devastating cuts to the RFS for biodiesel and advanced biofuels.  In addition, EPA is rumored to be considering allowing ethanol exports to generate RINs for RFS compliance, which would effectively be a one billion-gallon cut to the 15 billion-gallon conventional RFS target.  The public comment period closes on October 19, so please sign the letter below to urge EPA to uphold President Trump’s promises by rejecting these cuts and protecting the RFS!

Dear Administrator Pruitt:

EPA’s recent proposal to further reduce biodiesel volumes under the RFS for both 2018 and 2019 is ill-advised, runs counter to the intent of the law, and threatens the livelihoods of tens of thousands of farmers and families throughout rural America. I urge you to increase – not cut – the biomass-based diesel (BBD) target for 2019 and maintain the finalized BBD level for 2018. I also implore you to immediately abandon any rumored efforts to allow exported gallons of ethanol to generate RINs for RFS compliance – an illegal scheme that would effectively subsidize exports, cut the 15 billion-gallon conventional RFS by one billion gallons, and break President Trump’s promise to protect the RFS.  With U.S. energy policy still heavily slanted toward petroleum, a strong and growing RFS is key to promote fuel competition, free markets, fresh air, and the farm economy. Follow President Trump’s lead on the RFS, and help Make America Great Again!