Iowa Legislators Must Do All They Can to Ensure Consumer Access to E15

Widespread Access to E15 is the Fastest Way to Grow Rural Iowa, Support Farmers

The growth and success of rural Iowa hangs in the balance. This coming legislative session, Iowa’s leaders must band together to ensure E15 is available year-round and that all consumers have access to this cleaner-burning, lower-cost fuel.

As the nation’s leading producer of biofuels, Iowa has a lot to gain by expanding consumer access to higher biofuel blends all year round.

  • Iowa biofuels support nearly 40,000 jobs, including several high-paying high-tech jobs in rural areas.
  • Biofuels add nearly $4 billion to Iowa’s economy.
  • 60% of Iowa’s corn is processed at an Iowa ethanol plant.
  • Growing markets for ethanol grows markets for Iowa’s most productive farmers.
  • Most recent Des Moines Register Iowa Poll found 85% of Iowans from rural and urban areas and across party lines recognize ethanol is important to Iowa’s economic success. 

When more consumers have the opportunity to choose a higher biofuel blend at the pump like E15, these benefits only grow.

Recent Court Decision and Federal Uncertainty Threatens that Growth

Earlier this year the D.C. Circuit Court overturned an EPA rule that made it legal for fuel retailers to sell E15 in Iowa all year long. That decision has been appealed but, without state-level action the future of E15 in Iowa and the many benefits it creates are in jeopardy, as proven in recent studies done by ABF Economics and University of Illinois – Chicago:

  • Saving consumers 5-10 cents per gallon
  • Increasing Iowa’s household income by $73 million
  • Bringing almost 4,000 new jobs to Iowa
  • Adding $95.4 million to Iowa’s GDP
  • Reducing CO2 emissions by 258,894 tonnes annually, the equivalent of $11.1 million in annual avoided damages.
  • Saving Iowa lives from poisonous carcinogens totaling over $117.5 million in health savings


Please take just a couple minutes today to CALL and/or EMAIL your legislators.

Use this link: Iowa Legislature – Find Your Legislator, to find your legislator and CALL/EMAIL them today!

Tell them that as a biofuel backer, you urge them to support the Iowa Biofuel Legislation to grow Iowa’s economy while using more of our homegrown products.  Help us expand higher blends of biofuels, so Iowa drivers save money and increase consumer fuel choice at the pump!