Iowan’s Deserve More Fuel Options!

All Iowans Should Have Access to Lower-Cost, Cleaner Fuels Like E15 and B20!

Governor Reynold’s Biofuels Access Bill Ensures Iowans Have Those Options

“Iowans deserve access to less expensive, cleaner-burning fuel, grown and made right here,” — Governor Reynolds

The growth and success of rural Iowa hangs in the balance. This legislative session, Iowa’s leaders must band together to ensure all consumers have access to cleaner-burning, lower-cost biofuels. As the nation’s leading producer of biofuels, Iowa has a lot to gain by expanding consumer access to higher blends all year round.

  • Iowa biofuels support nearly 46,000 jobs, including several high-paying high-tech jobs in rural areas.
  • Biofuels add more than $5 billion to Iowa’s economy.
  • 60% of Iowa’s corn is processed at an Iowa ethanol plant.
  • Growing markets for ethanol grows markets for Iowa’s most productive farmers.
  • Most recent Des Moines Register Iowa Poll found 85% of Iowans from rural and urban areas and across party lines recognize ethanol is important to Iowa’s economic success. 

What does the Governor’s Biofuel Legislation mean:

  • YES to increasing consumer choice at the pump
  • YES to putting more money into the Road Use Tax Fund
  • YES to saving Iowan’s money and growing jobs in rural Iowa
  • NO retailer will be forced to shut down or make costly rebuilds i.e. break concrete
  • NO restrictions on sale of fuel including E0, E10, B0, B5, or B11
  • NO labeling requirements or regulations on how retailers sell fuel