Unleaded 88/E15 Retailer Information

E15 is a registered and EPA-approved fuel for 2001 and newer vehicles, SUVs and light-duty trucks which make up 90% of the vehicles on the road today. E15 may also be used in flex-fuel vehicles. E15 is the most researched and tested fuel in history and its safety has been documented through exhaustive testing. E15 went through more than 6.5 million miles of testing over various manufacturers, makes and model years. This is the equivalent of driving to the moon and back 6 times!

Selling E15 as Unleaded 88

Data from extensive consumer research shows that using a name similar to other gasoline grades, like Unleaded 88, increased sales dramatically. Using gasoline names similar to 87 octane, resonates better with consumers who are accustomed to buying gasoline based on octane rating. Retailers who take advantage of marketing E15 as Unleaded 88 on a price sign can also see better traffic and sales results. Today, more than 90 percent of fuel retailers offering E15 are labeling it as Unleaded 88.

Retailers wishing to sell Unleaded 88 must notify EPA in writing that they will abide by the waiver requirements listed below:

  • Participate in a Misfuelling Mitigation Plan, which includes a Survey Program. The Renewable Fuels Association is making available their EPA-approved Misfuelling Mitigation Plan and Survey Program for your use. Click here for the RFA Model E15 Misfuelling Mitigation Plan and Survey Program.
  • Unleaded 88 retailers are obligated to participate in the Survey Program Plan. The fee is a nominal $100 per retail site per year. The ethanol and oil industries are covering the cost of developing the fuel survey and making the survey available to retailers nationwide. For online survey registration go to: www.rfgsa.org.
  • Affix the mandatory E15 label (as seen on the right) to dispensers offering Unleaded 88 for 2001 and newer vehicles.
  • Inform fuel suppliers of the requirements for Product Transfer Documents.E15-label_002
  • Support the E15 Outreach Coalition’s consumer education efforts.
  • An E15 Handbook is available that covers storing, handling and conversion guidelines.  Click here to download the Renewable Fuels Association’s handbook.
  • An addendum to the E15 Handbook contains the hose dispensing configurations approved by the EPA. Click here for the addendum.
  • To obtain the mandatory E15 pump label free of charge, contact either the Renewable Fuels Association by calling (202) 289-3835 or Growth Energy at (402) 932-0567.
  • Free assistance is available to retailers through IRFA in registering with the EPA to sell Unleaded 88 and registering for the Fuel Survey Program. To request assistance, please contact the IRFA office at (515) 252-6249.
  • For assistance in obtaining EPA’s approval to sell Unleaded 88, contact IRFA at (515) 252-6249 or info@iowarfa.org.

Iowa Retailer Tax Credits:

Iowa provides a 3-cent per gallon tax credit for blends of E15 – E69 from September 16 through May 31, and a 10-cent per gallon tax credit for blends of E15-E69 from June 1 through September 15. For Information on this and other biofuels tax credits, please click here or check out the Iowa Retailer Renewable Fuels Tax Credit Calculator.

Iowa Policies and Procedures:

Iowa regulations allow for the dispensing of Unleaded 88 as a registered fuel. For specific information on the IDALS Weights and Measures Bureau Requirements, please click here.

Misfuelling Protection:

Iowa is the only state in the country to provide retailer liability protection. To view Iowa’s Retailer Misfuelling Liability Protection, please click here.

Incorporating Unleaded 88 Into Your Retail Business:

For points to consider when evaluating Unleaded 88 for an Iowa retail location, please click here.

Also, for more information on offering Unleaded 88 from the mouths of retailers currently offering the fuel, check out the American Coalition for Ethanol’s new Flex Forward campaign.

For further information, please visit E15fuel.org or Unl88.com.

Point-of-Sale Materials

To request FREE Unleaded 88 point-of-sale materials for retail locations, click here, or contact the IRFA office at 515-252-6249.