E85 Flex-Fuel Vehicles

Use More Low-Cost, Clean-Burning Ethanol with Flex-Fuel Vehicles (FFV)

Flex-fuel vehicles are specially designed to run on regular unleaded gasoline or any ethanol-blended fuel up to 85% ethanol (E85). Drivers often choose higher ethanol blends for a number of reasons, but mainly because higher ethanol blends are often lower in price, cleaner-burning, and made from more American-made fuel, meaning you’re supporting American jobs and U.S. energy independence. clip_image002_331

There are more than 16 million FFVs on the road in the U.S. today, including compacts, sedans, minivans, trucks and SUVs. There are also more than 5,000 retail stations offering higher ethanol blends, and over 300 E85 stations in Iowa.

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