Fueling Your Vehicle

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So you have a car, and would like to use cleaner-burning, American made renewable fuels? This section will help you determine which fuel(s) are right for your vehicle, and where you might be able to find them

The first thing to do when determining what fuel to use in your vehicle is to consult your owner’s manual. If this is not an option, or if you’d like to see if other options are available for you, simply follow the headings and links below to ensure you are using a safe, renewable, cleaner-burning biofuel blend that won’t break the bank.

Do you drive a 2001 and newer vehicle?

Then Unleaded 88 is the right choice for you.

Unleaded 88/E15 is EPA-approved for all 2001 and newer passenger vehicles, SUVs, and light-duty trucks. Unleaded 88 is a blend of 15% ethanol and 85% gasoline. It contains just 5% more ethanol than the E10 blend typically used today, but provides greater savings, more octane, and virtually the same fuel economy.

To learn more about Unleaded 88, please click here.

For a list of Iowa retail stations offering Unleaded 88, please click here.

Do you drive a Flex-Fuel Vehicle (FFV)?

clip_image002_331If you drive a Flex-Fuel Vehicle, or FFV, there’s a range of options that work great for your vehicle–all the way from E10, or fuel containing 10% ethanol, to E85, or fuel containing up to 85% ethanol.

E85 has been on the market for nearly 20 years, and with consumer demand for alternative fuel vehicles on the rise, auto makers are working to produce more FFVs. Flex-Fuel vehicles make up about 7% of the overall vehicle fleet in the U.S., with roughly 16 million on the road today. Meanwhile, 25% of new vehicle sold in the U.S. in 2014 are FFVs capable of utilizing ethanol blends up to 85% ethanol.

If your vehicle is an FFV it is noted in the owner’s manual, on the fuel cap, or by consulting this list of FFVs available U.S. by clicking here.

To learn more about E85 and higher ethanol blends, please click here.

To find out where you can find E85 near you, please click here.

Do you drive a diesel vehicle?irfa-biodiesel-policy

You’re in luck, because biodiesel, a cleaner-burning, advanced biofuel, is most likely the right choice for you.

You can purchase biodiesel in blends from B5, contains 5% biodiesel, all the way up to B20 or B50, contains 20% and 50% biodiesel, respectively.

Biodiesel provides greater engine lubricity which helps extend engine life and reduce maintenance costs, and it carries a higher cetane rating compared to petroleum diesel. It’s also cleaner-burning. In fact, the EPA estimates that biodiesel reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 57% to 86% compared to petroleum diesel.

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