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Fueling vehicleThe IRFA is constantly striving to bring cleaner-burning, homegrown renewable fuels to the motorists of Iowa. Whether it be on the road or on the farm, using ethanol and biodiesel blends is not only better for the environment, it also helps to support American jobs, American energy independence, and competition at the pump that all consumers can benefit from.

Today’s fuel retailers must maintain a competitive edge by offering consumers the newest, cleanest, most cost-competitive fuels on the market. Renewable fuels like ethanol and biodiesel add valuable competition to an oil-dominated marketplace, providing consumers with lower-cost, cleaner-burning fuels that contain more homegrown biofuels.

Ethanol blends like E10, the most commonly used fuel in the U.S., E15, E30, and E85 provide a superior, environmentally-friendly octane boost to their petroleum-only counterparts.

While mid-level and higher ethanol blends, such as E30, E50 and E85, provide a sizable octane boost and are sold to flex-fuel vehicles (FFVs) at a considerable discount to regular gasoline, selling E15 as a registered fuel allows a retailer to offer an additional, lower-cost fueling option to all 2001 and newer vehicles. E15 is the most tested fuel in history, and is EPA-approved for all 2001 and newer passenger vehicles, SUVs and light-duty trucks.

Iowa biodiesel labelBiodiesel blends like B5, B11, B20, and B50 increase lubricity, carry a higher cetane rating, and burn much cleaner than straight diesel, while still providing similar fuel economy, horsepower, torque and haulage rates.

Biodiesel blends up to and including B20, or 20% biodiesel,  can be used in existing engines with little to no impact on engine performance. In addition, using biodiesel enhances lubricity, meaning less wear and tear on engines and cleaner fuel systems, while still burning cleaner and supporting American jobs.

The Iowa Renewable Fuels Infrastructure Program (RFIP) offers cost-share grants for the installation of ethanol and biodiesel dispensers, blender pumps, and biodiesel storage facilities. The grant program is managed by Paul Ovrom, Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship. You can reach Paul at 515-242-6239 or