Stand Up for Renewable Fuels and Defend the RFS!

The EPA recently proposed blending targets under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) for corn ethanol, biodiesel and cellulosic ethanol. The good news is that corn ethanol was set at the legal maximum of 15 billion gallons, but we can’t take that for granted. Big Oil will fight tooth and nail to convince EPA to lower the ethanol number in the final rule.  The bad news is that biodiesel was flat-lined and cellulosic ethanol was cut by 25 percent – that hurts our environment, rural economies, energy security, and American motorists.

It’s time to make your voice heard, and tell the EPA that you support a robust RFS! Renewable fuels like ethanol and biodiesel help curb our dependence on petroleum, improve our air quality and increase competition at the pump to the benefit of consumers.

The EPA needs to hear from you

Support Corn Ethanol Support Biodiesel