E85 Retailer Information

American Ethanol Pump LabelThe Iowa Renewable Fuels Infrastructure Program offers cost-share grants for the installation of E85 dispensers, blender pumps, biodiesel dispensers, and biodiesel storage facilities.  The grant program is managed by Paul Ovrom of the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship. You can reach Paul at 515-242-6239 or paul.ovrom@iowaagriculture.gov.

For further assistance, please contact IRFA Retailer Coordinator Brian Kinney by calling (515) 689-7965.

Below are program details and information on blender pumps, E85, E15, and Iowa ethanol retailer tax credits.

UST Equipment Manufacturers’ Compatibility Statements

Iowa Retailer Renewable Fuels Tax Credit Calculator

RFIP Grant Application

Blender Pumps

DNR Ethanol Conversion

E85 Facts

E85 FAQ’s

E85 Guidelines

E85 Tax Information

Grant Program Details

Tax Form 8911